We can’ts sleep, Precious, we’re tired and sleepy and need to go to bed but we CAN’T!!!!! Our bedses is uncomfortable and stuff. so we thought we’d post something. but there’s nothing to talk about, Precious. nothing at all for Smeagol to do… poor Smeagol. WE NEEDS TO GO TO BED! It’s 11:24 by the Alarm Clock on Smeagol’s nightstand but we can’t pull our selves away from the computer!  You know what’s worse than not being able to sleep? not being able to wake up. gollum! We has places to be and we lies in bed dreaming, ignoring the alarms of the clockses and the sunlight which comes from that tiny hole in the roof of the cave. Cave, sweet cave. We wonders if eating too much sugar candy a few hours ago is what’s keeping us awake? NO! we likes candy… more will help you sleep, yes…

yours trully,